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Who am I? September 23, 2006

I am a twenty-one year old college student who appriciates life and what it has to offer (even if sometimes it isn’t very much). I am in my final year of my program at Villa Julie College, and I am very excited for my life to truly begin. Teaching is my passion, but so is learning. The world has a lot to offer and I want to soak up as much of it as I can while I am still young enough to do so. Part of me thinks that teaching abroad or teaching as a member of the Peace Corps might be a great adventure, so we’ll see where I run with that.

I enjoy a lot in life. Sunny days, cool nights, hot coffee, and ice cold green tea. I try to eat healthy, but let’s face it, we all have our weaknesses. I also enjoy a good book when I have the time, but mostly I am stuck reading anthologies and Teacher’s Edition Math text books… it’s all a part of a day in the life! My favorite things to eat are Mt. Olive Sour pickles and a good, LOADED salad. I am slightly and forever obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, but a healthy obsession never really hurt anyone. My cat’s name is cody and he is the apple of my eye. And I love Rob Thomas…for some reason his music just moves me, end of story.

By sharing my thoughts, stories, and ideas, I hope to entertain those who care to read, as well as myself. I like to write, so write I will. Here, on this “blog.” I am not out to change the world, just occupy my time while I am still a part of it. So, for those of you who care to read, enjoy!


2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Aike Says:


    I would really like to have a blog named, but I just found out that your blog is allready named like that, so that name is taken. but as you have not posted anything for almost 4 years, I would like to ask you if you maby could name youre blog something different. I would really appreciate that!

    Greetings, Aike

  2. Hi! I really love your blog! Its inspirational 🙂

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